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News of the week of March 12

Meeting Report

We played:


We will be meeting regularly on Tuesday nights at 7:45 PM at my place .

Walk for Hunger

I have accepted our invitation to play the Walk for Hunger at the same time and place as the last several years. (May 5, 10am to 3 pm, on Greenough Boulevard across from the Cambridge Cemetery.)

If you would like to play with us, let me know by April 5. You should bring your copy of Barnes English Country Dances, if you have it (I recommend acquiring it if you don't), and we may have group playing of some Renaissance dance music and singing of rounds.

In the past, we've discouraged people from signing up if they only play an instrument that doesn't work in bad weather. Due to the informal nature of this performance, this year we welcome our fair-weather string-playing friends. Of course, if you also play recorder, you can also come play a plastic recorder in the downpour, blizzard, or hail, just like the rest of us.

If you're working up a solo or duet that isn't suitable for everyone to join in on, let me know what it is and how long it will take so that I can schedule things.

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