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News of the week of October 30, 2012

Meeting Report

We played:


We will be having dropin meetings as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45pm at my place .

Anne has agreed to come open my door on November 6, election day, so there will be a meeting then. I will leave some suitable music out on the counter, including the Morley canzonets for two and three voices and the Ruffos and the Dowland third book.

You should be able to find some of the other stuff we do all the time – the things in books are lying sideways on the eight inch shelves, and the other stuff is in the notebooks labeled things like "Four parts", "Four Parts English" "> Four Parts".

It's likely to be a fairly late night at the polls. They registered 10,000 new voters by the October 17th deadline, and they had 3500 absentee ballots already more than a week before the election. But it's the other guy's turn to go to the count, so I may be able to get there by 9:30 or even a bit earlier.

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