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News of the week of February 14, 2012

Meeting Report

We played:


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place with the following exceptions:

  • Tuesday February 28 will not be a dropin rehearsal, as the Morley group will pre-empt that time.
  • On March 6, I will be working at the polls for the presidential primary, so someone will have to open up if we want to meet that night.
  • The meetings in March and April will concentrate on the Walk for Hunger program. The meetings of April 24 and May 1 will be limited to (and compulsory for) the performers at the Walk for Hunger.
  • On Sunday, May 6, we'll be playing between 10am and 3pm. You shouldn't sign up unless you can be there at least between noon and 3pm.

Next week, February 21, will probably be our last meeting for a while where we will not be concentrating on the Walk for Hunger program, and where we will have a new piece to sightread. So if you have ideas about what you'd like to do, either for the new piece or for old pieces that aren't suitable for the Walk program, let me know.

Walk for Hunger

We will be performing again this year, as we have every year since 1999, at the Walk for Hunger, in a beautiful spot on the Charles River, at the Cambridge-Watertown line. Unless you're a major rock star, it's probably your only opportunity to perform for tens of thousands of people.

Let me know if you want to play. If you do, let me know what you would like to play.

I'm leaning towards an all-English program, with some Morley, Weelkes, Holborne, Dowland and Byrd. Let me know your likes and dislikes in that range. Also, if that would leave out your favorite upbeat walking music, let me know about that.

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