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I’m back, and what’s next

I seem to have returned to the land of the living -- I woke up this morning wanting to get out of bed and walk the dog. I then did a reasonable imitation of my usual morning routine, and still don't feel like it's quite time to go back to bed.

As far as what the diagnosis is, since it's getting better and not worse, I don't see any need to burden the medical care system with this problem, so you're going to have to put up with my lay diagnosis. I was running a fever for a good bit of Saturday and most of Sunday, so I would normally call it flu, not a cold.

Because people have been worrying about flu lately, I've been just saying it's a cold. I'm not someone who's ever had the kind of cold a lot of people get where it slows them down for a week or even longer, but they never run a fever or get into a state where they should clearly be in bed. I suspect that this isn't because I'm immune to those viruses; I suspect it's because the virus that gives some poeple a stuffed up head but not much else for a week gives me a fever and a stuffed up head for a couple of days.

But if it is flu, I had the regular flu vaccine 2 weeks ago. So it's either a regular flu virus that got in under the wire before my immunity took hold (or even got a little bit of help from the virus in the vaccine), or a flu strain that isn't in the regular virus. In which case, it's entirely possible that it's H1N1. But if so, I don't seem to be one of the people that H1N1 kills.

What I would have been doing if I hadn't been in bed

I have to move the site from the old ISP (hostrocket) to the new ISP (dreamhost). Note that this isn't in any way a criticism of hostrocket as a host if it meets your needs. I acquired the dreamhost account when I desperately needed a way to move a bunch of mailman mailing lists to a new place. They'd been hosted on my home machine when I had my internet connection from speakeasy, and this wasn't going to work when I started connecting with comcast.

Hostrocket doesn't offer mailman, and while I could probably have managed to move the mailman lists to what they offer instead, the non-technical people who've been administering some of the mailman lists would have had a lot of trouble, and I thought that even for my purposes, mailman was better. So I found a coupon code that gave me the first year of dreamhost hosting for very little money. Last Spring I moved the music publishing part of the site to dreamhost, and now I'm moving the rest of it, before I owe hostrocket for another year.

Just moving the existing site to a place on dreamhost and pointing the laymusic dns to the new place would be easy, but what I'm trying to do is to move the pieces that should be on this site and that I want to maintain into the laymusic wordpress installation, and then I'll just have a pointer to the old stuff for historical reasons.

The job is a bit less tedious than it might be because of the wordpresslib program that adds files to the wordpress media library. I may write a version of that that creates a post from the part of a file between certain markers. But mostly it's tedious because it involves doing minimal updating of a lot of stuff that could use major rewriting, but that would be major thinking, and that isn't going to happen before October 15.

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