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Garden, May 31, 2009

Sad news about the Angelica

[replanted angelica]

Sunny and I went to look at the garden after our morning walk, and the angelica wasn't there. There was a shallow hole instead.

I looked in the compost bin, and there it was, but all the flower stalks were broken or smashed. I put it back, and gave it compost and water, and maybe it will survive, but I would guess there won't be flowers this year.

It was looking happy after being transplanted, but of course I dug it up carefully and took as much of the roots and soil it was used to as I could. The vandal who put it in the compost bin didn't bother with that.

Here's the email I wrote the condo association:

In the minutes to the last owners' meeting, I wrote:

Nobody in attendance requested any changes to the existing plot assignments.
Secretary's note: this means that the plot formerly assigned to Mary and Jeff is currently unassigned. I put a couple of things there last summer when I was cleaning out my deceased friend's house and garden, so if you want to put anything there, feel free, but please ask if you want to take anything out.

Someone pulled up the angelica plant which I had carefully moved from my deceased friend's garden in Salem, and which was about to burst into bloom, and put it in the compost bin.

I have replaced, it, but the bloom stalks are broken, so I don't have much hope for it at all, and none for this year. I am really upset; I was looking forward to having that plant.

I think it would make sense to assign that plot, so this sort of thing doesn't happen in the future. If someone else wants it, I will move both the angelica and the lavender, which is also about to bloom. Otherwise, I will take it, and please, nobody else pull anything else up.

I don't understand this vandalism. Why would anyone not want a blooming angelica in their back yard?

[angelica flower stalks]

Upset was actually putting it mildly. I was weeping hysterically for most of an hour, and I still tear up when I think of it. Of course, it being a condo problem, I also started thinking about all the other things I've been mad at the possible suspects about, but I'm trying to control that.

I'd probably be upset anyway, but it being one of the things I took from Bonnie's garden makes it worse. That was something she put a lot of herself into, and I wanted to save as much of it as I could. Other friends took things too, so even if the vandals pull up both the angelica and the lavender (I think the daylilies I put in the front yard are already gone), there will still be some, but I won't have it.


On a more cheerful note, the vandal(s) didn't pull up the lavender, which is also about to bloom.

[lavender] [lavender buds]


The roses are blooming.

[roses] [rose]


The iris and the Siberian Iris are blooming their heads off; I cut two stem of iris for my tall blue winebottles.

[iris] [Siberian iris]

Overall view

You can see from this that the Alliums and the lillies of the valley are over, but there's still a brave little pansy. I forgot to take them, but there are drumstick alliums with buds.

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